Week 10 – Advanced ID Project Progress

Write a reflection about your instructional design as it stands today. What has gone well? What has been problematic? How are you going forward from here?

The team we have assembled is well balanced and equally motivated.  Each persons has some very good skills that is lacking in each other so the complimentary synergy is very high.  At first the idea of using robots for teaching math seemed to be a little extreme.  By doing some basic research, I was able to find some new technology that would be robotic and fun and be used to help teach the concept of ratios.  This simple idea became a huge motivator for me personally, simply because I was learning so many new things.  Not being a teacher, I was not familiar with some of theTEKS requirements for courses, so that broadened my view on the teaching environment.

It was a good experience to see how we came up with a consistent theme in our lessons.  The lessons grow in complexity from fun and simple to a little bit more complicated into a final lesson that requires knowledge from the first two lessons.  The design document had a central theme for each lesson too.

Part One                Explore (Inquiry based learning)

Part Two                Reflect (group discussion)

Part Three            Accomplish (the assigned task)

Part Four               Connect to the TEK Math Standards

We collectively created a logo for the lessons and a brand name too.  We call it GoldMind.  The reason is that the first lesson is based on the Golden Ratio.  We have a lot more work to do in building the prototype.  We have taken on a big job with the robots, because there is a level of programming involved.  It is actually a fun project and I really enjoy the teamwork approach.  The next step will be in organizing and making everything consistent as if one person was responsible for the design.


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