Week 11 – Advanced ID Project Update

Write a reflection about your instructional design as it stands today. What has gone well? What has been problematic? How are you going forward from here?

Progress has been good.  We all understand what each of us needs to do.  By having the common design document completed we are all aligned to create our lesson plans. There is no confusion about our approach and methodology and our ongoing pull up review meetings keep everyone on schedule (so far). The social interaction with my project partners reminds of the project teams that we had in my company.  There are differences in opinions and the process of getting them resolved is working very well.  I think the deadline is well understood and that keeps any project creep from taking over and expanding the lessons.

Two of the lessons involve robots.  These are not the same kind of robots so that does not allow us to repurpose the lessons from a functional perspective.  The advantage of having each person own and entire lesson is the leverage in learning that takes place.  I can share my knowledge at a high level about my robot with the other two team members, so that they learn what is needed.  In the same sense, I have learned about another robot which is different than mine.  The interesting thing is the actual subject matter that we are trying to teach.  By getting the teachers prepared to be guides (which is what Guided Inquiry Learning is all about) actually requires us to learn a lot about gears and ratios and Golden Ratios (Phi) and Circles and Diameters and Pi.

The biggest problem is time.  Building a prototype of the course is a very big job.  Scoping that out for each lesson is different for each lesson.  The only person who can really do the job is the person in charge of that lesson.  So the added requirements of creating the design document, the lesson plans and the research paper make an accumulative mountain that we need to summit!  We are getting closer to seeing the final project come to completion as we prepare to make presentations to the group and solicit their peer feedback.


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