Week 13 – ID Project – Peer Feedback

Write a reflection about the feedback you received from your peers on your prototype. Is it appropriate? Will you incorporate everything they said? Why or why not? Is this process all that you thought it would be? 

The peer feedback has been an integral part of the process through out the project.  In addition to the feedback on the initial design document, we received very specific feedback from the instructor as well on the design feedback.  The most valuable prototype feedback came  in the form of questions following both of our presentations.  It was good to hav two presentation sessions which gave us an opportunity to internalize our insights but also presented an opportunity to hear directly from our peers on what they thought of our work.  I think people are more open with feedback and review when they have a chance to present it verbally.  This allows them to interact and question and go deeper with the feedback based on further discussion.

The most important review comes from the instructor.  We were impressed with the level of detail and clarity provided on the design document.  To make improvements it is necessary to get review from someone who has the knowledge, experience and insights for improvement.  This direct feedback allows us to rethink what we are doing and further assess the problem or issue and to collectively discuss the ways that we can make improvements.  The peer feedback was not as thorough as the instructor feedback.  I know that when I review someone’s work, I do not necessarily feel qualified to provide expert opinions, since my knowledge level is not sufficient to make good comments.  This knowledge increases however when I see and study professional feedback from the instructor.


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