Final Week – 6020 Class Summary Thoughts

Write a reflection about class overall. What did you learn? What would you like to learn more about in the future? Did the course have any real impact on your life and your professional work as you see it going forward?

This class is the sixth class that I have taken in the Learning Technology curriculum.  It has been the most practical classes in the offering, so far.  At the foundation of my learning for this class, it became apparent that there is no shortage of learning models that are under consideration.  The primary learning models like the behavioral/objectivist and the constructivist approach were very important anchor points for me since they were core philosophies about learning.  I look at each of these approaches within the context of history and how they involved.  I have been challenged in my thinking about the influence of technology with respect to instructional design.  On one hand it is obvious that there is so much more to be accomplished in the teaching and learning process if the technology could be effectively communicated and understood.  On the other hand, I can see where technology can be used as a shortcut and actually bypass some of the required interactions that enable higher learning.

What I like most about the class was the group engagement.  I sense for the first time the instructional design process that our instructor actually used with us.  That process was more Problem Based Learning.  We were given the opportunity to be in charge of how we went about solving the problem – which was to create some real world curriculum.  I really enjoyed having my cohorts presenting the various ID models.  The professor added the right amount insights and guidance but really insisted and encourage each class member to take ownership and collectively contribute to the learning process.  The team project approach required us to reach beyond the regular class schedules and to meet and interact as a small group.  Using GoToMeeting and Google Docs and DropBox brought some new tools into my domain of understanding.  I also enjoyed learning from my project group.  I am not a teacher as a professional, but they are.  I really learned a lot from their perspective and personal experiences.

My professional work is centered around consumer education, specifically educating people in the realm of financial wellness.  So this has direct application to my line of work.  Instead of using a didactic, objectivist approach to instruction, I believe that the constructivist approach that gets the participants more involved with be much more beneficial.  The practice of peer review is very powerful.  On the job, it will be more important to have all of the stakeholders involved in a project to have time to review the project throughout the development process.  Another value point from this course that applies to my professional work is the element of research.  I am finding it easier and more practical to do research to see if there are more dimensions to an idea or concept that I am evaluating.

My goal is to find the right combination of Instructional Design techniques that I can consistently use and improve.  I would like to explore some of the prescriptive models in the future to see how effective they will be for crowd sourcing of education.  Overall, this class was meaningful and valuable.  My knowledge and perspective increased significantly.  I am interested in further studies along this line.

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